Pinch of Black Salt is meant to make you feel more confident in the kitchen while having fun.

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Me & Black Salt

My desire is to become one of the best chefs in the world. My life long dream is to create a cuisine influenced by my culture, my experiences with flavours through training and the knowledge gained during my education and work.

I want to find a way to blend these flavors and enhance food accordingly. From my experience as the Sous Chef at what is recognized as one of the best restaurants on my island Antigua, I have really enjoyed interacting with guests who patronize the restaurant and receiving feedback on their meal as well as to exchange pleasantries with them about their experience on Antigua.

My goal is to own a chain of restaurants that will offer people an amazing dining experience while partaking of exquisite cuisine which will leave them wanting to come back for more. Since I have finished school I am ready to go into the world and face any challenges while creating my life’s dream. This blog is going to be the first step.

Black salt, an interesting form of that lovely stuff we season our food with. The questions running around in your head are probably, black salt? What's that? How is it made? Why did he choose that name?

Let's get to it then.

I fell in love with Black Salt on my trip to Spain with my girlfriend. The first time I saw it was in Madrid, baffled and confused I looked it up and read about it and that made me love it more. Do you have any idea how much patience you need to make salt properly? It can take anything from a few days to a few weeks.

It was at the Boqueria market in Barcelona I finally decided to buy my little container of black salt. This salt is special for more reasons than one, besides having an awesome black sheen, it also has a smokey, sulfur taste to it and that is because its infused with activated charcoal. But don't worry, it doesn't carry with it the flavor of charcoal

Because of how long it takes to make salt and make it right, I realized that it's very similar to anything you do in the kitchen, whether its opening a restaurant, or doing a food blog, you need that precision, that accuracy and that perfection. I wanted something different, something special and I've found it.

I hope this site will be able to give you the confidence to cook and have fun at the same time. I will talk to you throughout the recipe instead of giving you directions because it's my personal way of connecting with you, as I am sharing my food experience with you as go long together.